Dreaming Reality

It moves through me like a harrowing dream,
A touch I’ve never felt,
And a love I’ve never seen.

It haunts me as though it were dead,
A weekend I never had,
Lived out a thousand times in my head.

There is this girl who isn’t me,
With a boy who isn’t you,
But what I imagine you to be.

There is a bed that was never ours,
There are sheets tangled with her love;
Your body bends, her body bows.

While only a dream, this is not pretend,
You gave me a beginning,
Before you gave her an end.

And when you did that to her,
You gave this sickness to me,
Now I’m afflicted with a fictitious memory.

All of these visions, like wolves in the night,
Come swiftly, come quiet,
And sharp is their bite.

They eat through my sleep,
They pray on me while awake.
Why am I cursed to pay for your fucking mistake?

Love is not war and not all is fair.
Love is not war and this is not fair.

These thoughts or these nightmares,
They eat me alive.
I have so many questions;
We have so little time.
So a perfect performance plays out in my mind,
Because there are so many answers that I
Want to find.

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