My Minimalist Wardrobe

There is too much happening in my head.

While I successfully compartmentalise different aspects of my life, I struggle with existential thoughts and internal anxieties. I worry about who I am and what is going to happen in my future. Because of this, I often find it difficult to make even the most simple of decisions. I fear that I will take the wrong path and potentially damage whatever my future is supposed to be.

I have found that limiting what I own has helped immensely in clearing my mind of clutter. I do not have to think about trends, fashion or decor. I have also found that I now have far fewer insignificant decisions to make, so my focus can remain on the more important things.

One of the most drastic changes I have made has been in my wardrobe. I have always been interested in alternative culture, and as a teenager I hoarded any clothing that was black and spiky. While I still enjoy this style, I have found that simplifying my wardrobe has helped to accentuate the parts of myself that remain ‘alternative’ (tattoos, makeup, stretched ears, etc.) I have come to love the contrast between simple and statement….
and I’ve saved a shit load of money.

This is my minimalist wardrobe.

Everyday tops:
1 black long sleeved top
1 black t-shirt
1 grey t-shirt
1 black singlet
1 grey singlet

Everyday bottoms:
1 pair jeans
1 pair jean shorts
1 pair black shorts
1 black skirt

Work tops:
1 nude singlet
1 grey singlet
1 black singlet

Work bottoms:
1 pair black trousers
1 pair grey trousers
1 pair black business skirt

Additional items:
1 nude crop
1 black bodysuit
1 black playsuit
1 white business shirt
2 black cardigans
1 black pleather jacket
1 hiking jacket
1 grey coat

Although I have come a long way, I have by no means finished minimising my wardrobe. I still own more than I would like, partly because I need to own clothing that is appropriate for a teacher working at an Anglican school. However, a few of my ‘additional’ items are becoming worn out, and once they become unusable I will assess whether I need to replace the items or simply let them go from my life.

I have not included activewear, shoes or accessories as I wanted to concentrate on my main wardrobe. A followup blog will be posted about my other items xx

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