One Week in Fiji

In September this year, my husband and I spent a week in Fiji as the first part of our honeymoon. We stayed at the Warwick Resort and Spa on the Coral Coast, and planned three day trips to various locations and islands. These are our adventures.

Day One: Cloud 9

Our first stop was Cloud 9 bar on the Roro Reef. As this is a floating bar, the only way to access the venue is by boat. Unfortunately, this meant a 1.5 hour drive to Port Denarau. Despite the long commute, Cloud 9 was one of the highlights of our trip. We were absolutely amazed by the setting of this venue. I have never seen such stunning water in my life (and I live near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world). We spent the day lazing on sun beds, drinking cocktails and snorkelling in the beautifully clear waters of the Pacific. It was an absolutely perfect start to the honeymoon.
If you want to read more about Cloud 9, see my post about here.

Day Two: Jewel of Fiji

On our second day in Fiji, we decided to take a day trip up the Navua river with the ‘Jewel of Fiji’ tour. We took a long boat up river to the Magic Waterfalls, where we cooled off in the forest green water. We then boarded a traditional Fijian bamboo raft and floated down stream to Navua Village, where the women had prepared a gorgeous Fijian feast. The village elders then took us through a traditional Kava ceremony before sending us back down river with full tummies and happy thoughts.
Note: The Jewel of Fiji tour is owned and operated by the Chief of Navua village, so all profits are put back into the community.

Day Three: Coral Cats Day Sail

After our inland adventure the previous day, we decided to head back out on the water. We again embarked on the drive to Port Denarau, this time to join the ‘Coral Cats’ day sail. The catamaran itself was gorgeous, and we could have easily spent all day relaxing by the bows. However, we had some serious snorkelling to do. Our first stop was a coral reef that hosted thousands of (sometimes too-friendly) fish. The crew provided a guided snorkel so that we could admire the best of the underwater life. We were then taken to the serene Malolo Lailai Island where a BBQ feast had been prepared. The day was made complete when the crew treated us to one last swim at a secluded sand bar before hoisting the sails and cruising back to Port Denarau.
Note: This was by far our favourite trip. The day is perfectly planned out, avoiding high tourist areas and instead offering secluded spots where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the islands. The captain and crew are incredibly friendly, and everybody left feeling a little bit special

Day 4-7: Warwick Resort and Spa

The adventure portion of our trip had come to an end, and it was finally time for us to kick back and relax. We could not have chosen a more suitable place to do this than the Warwick Resort and Spa. It felt as though we were living inside a luxurious travel magazine. We drank cocktails by the pool, befriended exotic sea creatures while snorkelling at the hotel beach and enjoyed a romantic couples massage in a gorgeous beach bure. There were seaside hammocks, adults only beaches and enough daily activities to keep anybody entertained. Our only regret is that we did not decide to stay longer.

If you are considering a tropical vacation but aren’t sure where to choose, I highly recommend thinking about Fiji. The food is fresh, the people are beautiful and the scenery is out of this world. We had the absolute time of our lives exploring the Fiji islands, and I have no doubt that we will be back again soon.




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