Making Long Distance Work

Long distance relationships are never easy. Some work and some don’t. Here are some tips from a military girlfriend on how to give your long distance relationship the best possible chance:

For a little background on my relationship please see my post ‘One Year Ago Today’

Keep in contact
Try to have some form of contact with your partner every single day. I know this can be difficult for busy people, but if you are serious about making this work then you will always find a way. Call, text, email, or write letters if you have to. You don’t need to have huge emotionally charged discussions every day, just let the other person know you are thinking of them.


Have a plan
There is no point in committing to a long distance relationship if you don’t have a plan to come together some day. The plan can be vague, the plan is not set in stone, the plan might change in accordance to where life takes you. The important thing is to know you both want the same thing in the end. Having a plan decreases the feelings of uncertainty that come with being away from the person you love.


Be honest
Honesty is one of the most important part of making any relationship work. It’s particularly important when your relationship exists under less than ideal circumstances. If you have negative feelings about the relationship, you need to communicate this to your partner. It might be hurtful, but this way you can talk through the issues and hopefully come to a sort of solution.


Appreciate them
You may not spend as much time together as you would like, so be sure to cherish the moments you have. Go on adventures, drink wine on the beach, have picnics. Make as many memories as you can together. It is these memories that will keep you going when you are at your weakest.


Don’t be tempted to end a good thing just because of distance. Nothing in life is ideal, and the foundation of every good relationship is the determination to make it work. Whether it flourishes beautifully or crashes spectacularly to the ground, you will learn from the experience. Love is always a risk. Don’t throw away something that could be so beautiful just because you’re scared.


The best things in life do not come easy.

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